Omran Sitai Furniture was established in Brunei Darussalam in 1994 as an extension to our parent company in Cairo, Egypt.

We have numerous showrooms right at the heart of Cairo, offering all types and designs of period/reproduction furniture made of Beech wood.

Our Brunei Company makes its furniture in Jepara, Central Java, using quality mahogany and selected government approved teak wood.

Highly skilled craftsmen produce our furniture and indeed can produce any design & style to our client's specifications.

Our finishing is carried out according to the client taste and request. Whether it is matt lacquer or gilding/antique finishing, we can provide you with all types. We only use Italian and French gold leaves as well as French varnish which is specifically made for gold leaves. We can also do inlay of natural veneer (Marquetree) as well as inlay using hand cut brass.

Finally we would hope that you will enjoy our website and look forward to your messeges and suggestion.

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